Waking to face
a day
breaking already
without you.
Trying to face
a time
ending slowly
with you.

©Millicent Danker

Seen flying

Seen flying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

25 June 2013



Pocket watch, savonette-type. Italiano: Orolog...

Pocket watch, savonette-type. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time takes her time to pass
on wings despite business class;
Her seconds hand barely moving
from eating, twiddling, fidgetting.

Outside a cloud stands still
on the intercontinental horizon;
Sleep would not come for a pill
nor servings of red-grape poison.

Time takes less time to pass,
the day would get by in a flash
had she spent its gift on the grass
simply writing, being, listening.

© Millicent Danker
29 May 2013


journey on 24 March 2010 - day 83

(Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

“In many ways, you want to set your own agenda. You act as if you have to choose among many things, which all seem equally important. But you have not fully surrendered yourself to God’s guidance. You keep fighting with God over who is in control. Try to give your agenda to God. Keep saying ‘your will be done, not mine.’ Give every part of your heart and your time to God and let God tell you what to do, where to go, when and how to respond. God does not want you to destroy yourself. Exhaustion, burnout and depression are not signs that you are doing God’s will. God is gentle and loving. God desires to give you a deep sense of safety in God’s love. Once you have allowed yourself to experience that love fully, you will be better able to discern who you are being sent to in God’s name. It is not easy to give your agenda to God. But the more you do so, the more ‘clock time’ becomes ‘God’s time’ and God’s time is always the fullness of time.” – Henri Nouwen [1932-1996], The Inner Voice of Love.


Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Break the shackles of the old,
crack the bondage of the past;
So much gets in the way
because of yesterday.

Destiny holds the future
which cannot promise today –
we are in the here and now
bring on the new; clap and bow.

We are in the here and the now
the time that matters is this hour
the time to taste
the glory of grace
to see his face
the depths of his waste
the compassion in every gaze.

Break the shackles of the old,
crack the bondage of the past;
So much gets in the way
because of yesterday.

So much is overlooked in the present;
We need only turn to see,
and when we do, we can only ask:
Is there no end to you and me?

© Millicent Danker
24 November 2001 / 3 May 2013


English: Dead Sea seen from Jordan Français : ...

Dead Sea seen from Jordan Français : La Mer Morte vue de la Jordanie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wooden deck,
a pond of fortune fish.
Water from the Jordan spring,
a life-giving stream –
Big water sounds
then short ones,
gushing, trickling, tinkling.
Music and motion
my canvas.

As I shut out
the sunlight
angels burst in,
wings rustling, fluttering.
Refreshing little spurts,
bearing something
we share in communion
with creation –

one timeless moment
in time.

© Millicent Danker

6 December 2009

A Meditation Experience

Beach shoes

Beach shoes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A mound of pure sand
beneath me
An empty beach
before me
Eyes shut in sweet
with a rocking sea

Sounds elemental,
Played over since
time immemorial
Like that of rain
and bird cries

over the clatter,
of shooting fountains
and motoring
from nearby marbled

I tune into
the rhythm
The eternal ebb
and flow
Then people step
into my haven
The spell is o’er

© Millicent Danker
24 July 1999

The Poet


Rain (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

A blank page
A blank day of no purpose
Other than to stare
And write

All it took to make her happy
Was to sit out in a little
Sun and feel her hair stroked
By some fondling breeze

The mobile rings
She drifts into
Business but comes back
Soon enough

The sounds of water
Touch her ears now
A pattering motion
Still far away

She is here to write
A little at a time
And s l o w l y
Little words like the little

Drops of rain now
F a l l i n g
On her white pages
Colouring it

She stops.
Takes time to feel the liquid

Millicent Danker