“O glorious St Peregrine, apostle of Our Lady of Sorrows, you who had such great faith that she obtained for you all that you asked of God, you who were so profoundly humble that until commanded by your superiors refused Holy Orders, you whose patience was so perfect, that when you begged Jesus Crucified the cure of cancer, your cancer, you asked that the suffering remain; through the ineffable joys that you now experience as a reward for your virtue and your submission to the will of God, imprint deep in our hearts and souls these same dispositions of faith, humility and submission to the Divine Will, so that we may obtain from the omnipotent God the favours we ask.

(pause here and silently recall the favours you are asking through the intercession of St Peregrine)

To whom shall we go if not to you, who bore in your own flesh this disease, you who were cured by Our Lord himself? The example of your life and your virtue will lead us to Our Lady, who is our life, our sweetness and our hope, and thus we shall obtain all we ask, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”
* the patron saint of the Catholic church for cancer victims

[from a booklet published in 1954 in honour of the Septenary of the saint bearing the Imprimatur of the Archbishop of Chicago]



Interior of Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica & Nat...

Interior of Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica & National Shrine, Chicago, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Saint Jean Leonardi.

Saint Jean Leonardi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Eternal God, behold me prostrate before your immense majesty, humbly adoring you. I offer you all my thoughts, words, and actions of this day. I offer them all to be thought, spoken, and done entirely for love of you, for your glory, to fulfill your divine will, to serve you, to praise you, and bless you. I wish and intend to do everything in union with the most pure intentions of Jesus and Mary. — St. Jean Leonardi

“He who utters …

The name of God

The name of God (Photo credit: fdecomite)

“He who utters the Name of God while walking gets the merit of a sacrifice at every step.
His body becomes a place of pilgrimage.
He who repeats God’s Name while working always finds perfect peace.
He who utters the Name of God while eating gets the merit of a fast even though he has taken his meals.” – Tukaram Maharaj, 1608-1645