A powerful light shines in the dark.

A light in the dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t let my light go out.

That plea haunting at night

When she felt her prana slack, her chi fade

When alone with no one about


Don’t let my light go out:

She whispered in the dark

Examined the babble of scribes

The words she now began to doubt


Don’t let my light go out!

Not now, not with a life half-lived

Her life-force as yet unspent;

Angry at last she began to shout


Curses at the images


©Millicent Danker

3 August 2013



Days of my life now numbered,
I gaze into an abyss, see a lone star set
in diamond-girded surrounds, yet
its fickle-sparkle sputters and dims.
I know it is transient in beauty,
I know, as I stare, I will cry

for it must die and so too I.

Your might is as ever, O eternal one
You hold my life-force in your hand
Like the lone star at first flush of dawn,
I too will fade,
I too am doomed to slide
down the bank of beyondness

where I will be in your oneness.

Where all stars dwell,
when their light runs out.

28th February 2013

Millicent Danker