Moorhen (Photo credit: Sergey Yeliseev)

on the lawns

ice tinkling

Pimms jugs crackling;

in the sky

an airplane drones, then another –

in between, placidity:

on the water

a moorhen’s cry;

this pond, thickly green

like jelly under a crust of glass

a bird’s flight slices through it;

on the courts

the thud of tennis balls

then a triumphant male shout;

from the earth

the summer heat rising –

Life’s noises reprising

day in and out.

©Millicent Danker

16 July 2013



English: Dead Sea seen from Jordan Français : ...

Dead Sea seen from Jordan Français : La Mer Morte vue de la Jordanie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wooden deck,
a pond of fortune fish.
Water from the Jordan spring,
a life-giving stream –
Big water sounds
then short ones,
gushing, trickling, tinkling.
Music and motion
my canvas.

As I shut out
the sunlight
angels burst in,
wings rustling, fluttering.
Refreshing little spurts,
bearing something
we share in communion
with creation –

one timeless moment
in time.

© Millicent Danker

6 December 2009