Waking to face
a day
breaking already
without you.
Trying to face
a time
ending slowly
with you.

©Millicent Danker

Seen flying

Seen flying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

25 June 2013


MEMORIES [Iambic Pentameter]

English: This calligraphic fragment includes t...

English: This calligraphic fragment includes three iambic pentameter quatrains, or ruba’is, arranged in corresponding vertical and horizontal panels. Script: Nasta’liq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember me when happy
Remember me when sad
The days of work and love and play
We had were good and bad

There were moments too lonely
And some were full of joy
That’s life they say, too casually
To every girl and boy

I know it can’t be easy
To think of all we’ve shared
But memories hold bucketsful
Of goodness – oh, we cared!

© Millicent Danker
24 April 2013