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Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Millicent Danker obtained her doctorate in business administration from Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK, in 2010,  at the age of 60. She earned a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature in Malaysia and an MA in Communication from the US on an East-West Centre Grant. She has been an entrepreneur, business consultant and communications practitioner, having begun her professional life as a journalist. A mother and grandmother, she lives mainly in London but maintains strong links with her homeland where her ancestors’ roots go back 500 years. This is her first published collection of poems started in 1999 and revisited and added to since.  Besides poetry, she enjoys posting verses from her readings. She welcomes feedback from bloggers, patriots, poets and literary enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in spirituality and healing.


I call you pottery – because I like to visit and refine

To enhance your beauty, from time to time;

I do not see you as a riddle, a Sudoku to be solved

Forced by rhythm and rhyme, trying hard to be sublime

Manipulated, copywriter-ed – that is such a crime.

I do not write poetry that is a mystery

I am no Agatha Christie;

You need not come to mine with chisels

To pick at words for hidden pixels

I do dislike you when you trick and tease

Or try to be smart in order to please.

Humbly do I adore thee, O Poetry –

When you come from that divine source

Your words the outpouring of a pure soul

of the Universe.

© Millicent Danker

18 May 2013


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  2. I simply want to thank all visitors and followers for your encouragement and support. I am not posting as much currently as I am preoccupied with some urgent tasks. For this, I do apologize.

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