Stealthily she comes,
at first a twinge in
the wrist or that
ache in the lower back

when you wake up, bend
or negotiate the
spiral stairs for the tube –
try to put on your shoe.

You tire, sighing
at the mirror, sighting
a crop of white;
People stand up for you

on trains and buses;
In cafes you stand out
for the choices
you make, your bent

qualifies you for a freedom
pass; you feel patronised
yet want to be prized
for your vintage

whose music no longer
appeals to their ears;
They think your birth
date is historical, hysterical

they ask how you are as if they expect
you will terminate any time soon.

You speak a language
that dates,
choose to visit places
auctioneers like on plates.

You forget why you went
down the high street;
remember the church lady
but not her name. Sweet.

Stealthily she comes,
this thing.

count the stairs.:-)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They call it ageing.

©Millicent Danker
16 June 2013


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