Crepuscular Rays

Crepuscular Rays (Photo credit: t0msk)

Overhead, the rolling ample sky –
ample because of building restrictions
which allow you to
sit by a river and look for miles
without a high-rise in sight –
Clouds turn silver
from ageing at twilight
mirrored by platinum ripples
on the water, a delight
to the London eye.
Small craft lazily ply
colourless geese glide by
bobbing beaks under a bridge
of dull stone;
Grey or brown cottages,
white river homes
decorate the flanks;
Muted now the crepuscular land.

Then, a parade of scarlet buses –
Urgent reminders of city buzzes –
Cranking over the arches.

©Millicent Danker
16 June 2013


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