Anything but(O…

(On Not Being a Muse)

I will write it
And if you like
I will sing it

I will arrange it, strum it
Pick it, drum it

I will edit it, compress it,
Finesse it, billboard it

I will design it, knit it,
Dye it, fit it

I will brushstroke it, pleat it
Murmur philosophy beneath it

Gladly I will do it all
Anything but be
Static while you are active
Anything but be
The one from whom you draw
What you make your own.

English: Logo of Muse in SVG Español: Logo de ...

Logo of Muse in SVG  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Kavita Jindal, London
[First Published in the anthology ‘Not A Muse‘ in 2009]


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