English: View from Cairo Tower

 View from Cairo Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Church and mosque aside
Friend and foe abreast
People come and people go
Like rats in a teeming nest
Of grime and dust
Hiding the splendid vastness
Of a Cairo that lusts
Kingdoms come and kingdoms go
Bust, seven thousand years later
I too come and go

From a balcony hung over
The longest and the dearest
Of your ancient rivers
I listen to your motorcars
Tooting on the bridges
Blinded by a desert sun
I brave a gaze across a sky
Azure as the insides
Of your domed edifices
Where multitudes worship and sigh

Your river green and murky
But not sluggish
Its boats grand yet grotty
In daylight fetish
Discord grown between
Its stillness and the manic
Music of your streets
Your river inert while all around it
Only bustle and beeps
Consume its revered silence

Your river is the nature
Which man has violated
But life goes on unabated
As you tear apart and put together
I leave my footprints at your exalted altar
To age like your Nile while
You preserve us forever
In your Kingdom of long ago
Your river and I will flow
While people come and people go

© Millicent Danker

17 April 2013


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