English: War Memorial - Islington Green. The b...

War Memorial – Islington Green. The base is in the shape of an X the construction appears to be concrete. It sits in a triangular park surrounded by traffic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A benevolent sun throws its wide radiant arc over this turf of green

spilling rays of liquid gold

this late October evening in Islington;

A sweet wind spins in gentle drafts, trees crackle above the grind of red bus tyres

on the sooty asphalt;

Workmen hammer and call across to each other at a building site.

On a park bench, thinking I want more of the poet’s season of the maturing sun

I wear dark shades yet I squint,

my cheek catching at once the burn from the sky then the tingle from the breeze;

At my feet, brittle brown leaves

scud and roll like crabs on a dry beach.

Angel folk walk past in lazy little steps, laughing.

I want a slice of this pie

to relish it and bask in its frescoes before winter comes to snatch it


The street is a-blush –

Its red-bricked walls deeper, the whitewashed facades mellower and the trunks of trees blacker than I remember them …

This is God’s lush palette, the best at the last:

Too soon the footsteps on the pavement turn urgent.

The light goes out.

It is time.

© Millicent Danker
27 October 1999 / 15 May 2013


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