They tell a tragic tale, flowing from fearful depths

They close out pain and shut the dark

They help you rest, refresh;

They silence life, cut me off, will not open, if they wish.

They transport you away

Eyes closed

Eyes closed (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

To garden of celestial play

Struck with searing flashlight

They show life with no sight.

Seeing and unseeing, stared into mine

Averted and distorted, they are sublime

Held, they bring you to your prime.

They filter your chaos and the drama of the world

*Shakti-filled, they liquefy, turn into gold

Blind to the faults of men, like Brahman.**

They are the Eyes.

The windows of your Soul.

The mirrors of your God.


*Vedic meaning: energy


© Millicent Danker

5 April 1999 / 7 May 2013


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