He who painted rainbows and sunsets, provoked earthquakes and volcanoes

He who designed red roses and blue violets, butterflies and mosquitoes

Qantab - The Symphony of Rocks . . .

 The Symphony of Rocks . . . (Photo credit: Beauty Eye)

He who composed the Ode to the Forest, Dance of the Sky and Symphony of the Sea

He who made the seasons flow one into another, effortlessly

He who stills the fires and storms, washes the earth and waters its crops

He who brings forth fruit, feeds the reptiles, lets waterfalls drop

He who nurtures baby sparrows and teaches fish how to swim

He who never ceases to toil, keep creatures in check and the world trim

He who made this universe   all things great and small

the heaven and the hell      the sound in every bell

made me.

© Millicent Danker
25 May 2008


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