Birds in a row

Birds in a row (Photo credit: The Wren Design)

Early outside my window now these birds singing
from pre-dawn across the lawn
Speaking a language we never understand
promising  another spring

Gentle cooing and chirping, strident tweeting and twittering,
whispering, whistling, warbling
Soft urgent noises of mothers to new babies, gurgling, gurgling
Joy and serenity in the spaces of the heart, evoking, evoking
In the silence they rule the roost, calling, calling

What are these sounds
Why  do we not pain
to decipher the innocent alphabet of God’s winged creatures who bring us sweet relief,
provoke music that propels listeners to their knees?

Who are these heavenly messengers from the skies, babbling, blabbering
Why  do we not know them,
find out as we stay awake
once woken, unable to go back, asking, asking?

Tired out from flitting and sitting, sitting and flitting
A new scattered song they begin
Cars in motion now roaring, trundling, crunching, over-riding
Birdsong receding, fading

© Millicent Danker

February 2013



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