a candle (eine Kerze)

a candle (eine Kerze) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where do I find you, maker of my soul?
Are you in ancestral bushes aflame with love, waiting
Or do you hide in the mountains, watching
To see what gives in our world?

My heart is soft with peace when I see your face
Alas, such moments rare and sparse
For me to initiate through faithful knees
Clasped hands and lighted candelabras

Why do I hesitate, doubting Thomas-like
When I could believe, have faith
To walk the waters to where you locate
Held up in torrents, currents, by your own God?

Why do you not come alive for me
Day to day as I struggle to stay
In a world fraught with tension, passion
Without any need for holy words to say?

Can you not touch me as I sleep, caress
My eyes wet with the tears of many fears

Without my having to ask?

Millicent Danker
22 March 2013


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