At the Cafe

Chocolate brownie in detail.

Chocolate brownie in detail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She orders a large brownie
by having Earl Grey tea
black, with it
She thinks women without a sweet tooth
are pinched and barren
She has no time for them
Raised from the dead
She said
Not for her the hard-plated armour
of a flat belly
on which to slather suntan oil
Far better to dig in
and enjoy
A crumbly brownie is to be relished
She argues loudly, a tad foolish
Its dense chocolatey morsels
set off against its walnut kernels
Though half the flavour
and the fun
seem to come
from just visual estimation
of its rich form
and imagining its pleasures –
One chunky mud-coloured splat
on a white plate

She laughs

There’s something to be said about
women and chocolate

Millicent Danker
26th September 1999


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